Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Staghorn ferns

Staghorn ferns are members of the Polypodiaceae plant family, and belong to the genus Platycerium. Eighteen species are presently recognized along with many varieties and hybrids. Staghorns are tropical plants native to the Philippines, Southeast Asia, Indonesia, Australia, Madagascar, Africa, and America. In their native habitat they thrive as epiphytes, plants that derive moisture and nutrients from the air and rain. In the case of staghorn ferns, they are generally found growing harmlessly on tree trunks, branches, or even rocks. Rain provide moisture and adds nutrients into the root area. These plants have become a favorite of mine, love the shape and sizes they can get. My main place to get them is at a nursery here in Houston called "Another Place in Time" the owner Mike has many beautiful one mounted on boards for instant beauty. I now have five differant ones and I'm planning on adding more to the collection. 

So go buy you one of these special ferns give them a try!

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