Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My Top 5 Vines

My top vines I will always have in my yard for their beauty and the way they bring butterflies and hummingbird's into the yard.

1. Rangoon Creeper (Quisqualis indica) - It's heat and drought resistant, blooms all
    summer and fall and has incredibly fragrant blooms of white, pink and red.

2. Queens Wreath - Also known as Sandpaper Vine, for its very rough leaves. Though the
     vine is a very good one it's the show of blooms that will stop people in their tracts. This
     plant will take the drought once it is established a very hardy plant.

3. Red Bleeding Heart - Actually I love all the bleeding heart vines once they take root
    they are there to stay. Mine will freeze back when it gets in the 20's but shows itself
    once it starts getting warm again.

4. Morning Glories - What can you say about these beauties, but WOW. So many different
    kinds waiting to please your eye. I have seeds for about 20 different kind I am planning
    on planting all of them along a chain link fence hoping to have a quilt like appearance.

5. Crossvine - Strong vine, fast grower and loads and loads of beautiful flowers a show
     stopper. Produces a huge mass of 2" orange trumpets with yellow throats in late spring
     with some blooms throughout summer. An easily grown and vigorous clinging native
     evergreen vine that can easily grow up masonary, tree bark, or other structures without
     support. The picture is of  Tangerine Beauty.

There are so many vines out there to try. I try to introduce at least 1 new one every year. Some don't make the heat may not be their fault could be mine for not planting it in the right place. If I don't care for it after a year it is dug up and given to a new home.

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